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General Information:  info@wcmohealth.org

Administrative Staff:

Nicholas Hughey, Director, Emergency Response Planner- nhughey@wcmohealth.org

Lisa Miller, Clerical- lmiller@wcmohealth.org

Sheila Gaghen, Clerical, Volunteer Manager- sgaghen@wcmohealth.org

Laura McCormack, Accounting- lmccormack@wcmohealth.org

Melissa Yount, TOP Coordinator- myount@wcmohealth.org

Nursing Staff:

Sandy Hutchings, Nursing Coordinator, PNC- shutchings@wcmohealth.org

Cara Sims, PNC, Public Health Nurse- csims@wcmohealth.org

Amanda Paisley, PNC, Public Health Nurse- apaisley@wcmohealth.org

Shirley Hitt, Public Health Nurse- hitts@wcmohealth.org

WIC Staff:

Shawnee Douglas, WIC Coordinator- sdouglas@wcmohealth.org

Nissa Compton, WIC Certifier- ncompton@wcmohealth.org

Jennifer Adams, Nutritionist- jadams@wcmohealth.org

Portia Ives, Breastfeeding Peer Counselor- pbarton@wcmohealth.org

Environmental/Sanitation/Emergency Planning: 

Jesse Douglas,EPS- jdouglas@wcmohealth.org

Tammy Skaggs, EPS- tskaggs@wcmohealth.org

Washington County Health Department
520 Purcell Drive
Potosi * MO * 63664
Phone: (573) 438-2164 * Fax: (573) 438-4759

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